Hormone Balance Kit - Women

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The Hormone Balance Kit for Women combines supplements and dietary guidelines that aim to help the body harmonize and regain health. Hormonal imbalances affect millions of women in the United States each year, and though every woman experiences hormonal changes during menopause, many women are beginning to experience hormonal imbalances at earlier stages in life. These physical changes can be enormously stressful for the body – caus­ing symptoms that range from night sweats to weight gain and depression. We recommend a holistic approach that aims to maximize your nutritional intake, reduce your body’s toxicity, improve certain aspects of your lifestyle, and optimize results through effective supplementation.
- Provides the precursors the body needs to produce hormones naturally
- Offers natural hormone therapy in the form of potent plant extracts
- Supports the body’s natural production of hormones
- Balances and restores the body to a state of optimal health
* We recommend adding Daily Essentials, Nutritional Shakes, & Essential Greens.
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